Now it is possible to sign-up for the Troum & raison d’être Boxset. I
will have 10 copies for sale and a lottery will decide for the lucky
ones. Sign-up before August 9 at 21:00 CET by using the contact form link available on this page:

Last day to sign up is August 9, 2015 at 09:00PM CET.

In the message or subject fields you need to write that you are interested in the De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu Boxset.

The selected customers (the winners in the lottery) will be decided by
lottery and announced by individual e-mails on August 9, after 09:00PM.

Number of Boxsets for sale:



40 Euro plus shipping costs.

Will be sent as Registered First class Air mail.

Shipment is trackable and insuranced.

Shipping costs:

– Sweden: 17 Euro

– Europe/The World: 24 Euro

The box-set will also be sold by Troum via Drone Records (only a few copies) and the label
Essence-Music (the label will sell the major part of the edition), and
maybe some selected mailorder shops.