Atomine Elektrine – ‘Leftfield’ – Free digital album now available

Leftovers compiled. Experimental electronic adventures created as test
recordings for evaluating equipment. The tracks are not unique since
they have been released before, but because of the kind of leftovers the
are they did not fit into the concept of those releases. So, a
dedicated concept album with only the experimental leftover tracks alone
suited better. Free and happy download.

Released 24 April 2015

All music by Peter Andersson.

Track 01-06 composed 1997-1998. Original release on ‘Atom Xtension’
CD-R, Yantra Atmospheres 1999. Also available on ‘Binomial Fusion’ 2CD
on Essence Music 2004.

Track 07-08 composed 2003. Original release on ‘Zektor X’ Download album, Yantra Atmospheres 2010.

Digital release by Yantra Atmospheres, YA-2015-81.