Free download of Dementia – ‘Limbus (revisited)’ 1991

‘Limbus (revisited)’ Peter Andersson goes back to the year 1991 and
select the best moments from an early demo tape by his Dementia-project.
The original demo contains 20 tracks, so half of them are included in
this revisit. The last track became an unique bonus track copied to the
master-tape alone a month later after the actual release. So the track,
which was obviously not treated with care concerning the quality, was
never included in the 1991 edition. The vocals of that last track is
written and performed by Johanna Rosenqvist (KOEFF, Institut).

Dementia was a project by Peter Andersson existing only in 1991. Influences came from EBM, Synthpop, Techno and Industrial.

Released 20 March 2015

Music by Peter Andersson 1991. K-14 mastering 2015.

Lyric and vocals on ‘Fasces (vocal)’ by Johanna Rosenqvist 1991.

Original released on May 21, 1991, as ‘Limbus’ MC (demo), B.o.C.a.t-003.

Digital release by Yantra Atmospheres. YA-2015-80.