To celebrate
Christmas and New Year I have released a free download album as a gift
to the world. Dementia is a project I had in 1991. This is low-fi 8-bit
music is made on a Atari 1040STE and Noistracker software. The Atari
desktop inspired artwork may be the ugliest I have ever done. Enjoy
anyway, it’s free!

This is a homage to the Atari 1040STE computer and the Noisetracker software!

When I started making music with help of a computer this was my first
setup and ‘The Noisetracker Sessions’ contains the complete collection
of tracks that I made with Noisetracker. This is not the high quality
music you are used to hear from Peter Andersson. The sounds used in this
music is clearly low resolution 8-bit mono. At this point raison d’être existed only in
theory, but just a few weeks after working with Noisetracker I bought a
multi-timbral synthesizer and used Steinberg 12 software (soon replaced by Steinberg 24 Pro), and that marked
the real start of raison d’être.

Dementia was a project by Peter Andersson existing only in 1991.
Influences came from EBM, Synthpop, Techno and Industrial. I’m pretty
sure this is very weird music for most of us. Anyhow, it is a
documentation of a strange moment in the music career of Peter

Track 01-02 taken from Suffering Deaths Agony In Affliction, MC 1991, B.o.C.a.t-004.

Track 03-08+10+23+26+28-29 taken from Subhumans, MC 1991, B.o.C.a.t-002.

Track 09+13-16+18+20+22+24-25+27 taken from Lost Recipes Now Recovered, MC 1991, B.o.C.a.t-009.

Remaining tracks are previously unreleased.

All tracks made by Peter Andersson in 1991 using Atari 1040STE computer and Noisetracker software.

K-14 level mastering 2014 from original 2-channel MC master tapes.

Digital release by Yantra Atmospheres, YA-2014-79.