raison d’être – ‘The Empty Hollow Unfolds’ 2014 (expanded edition) / (special expanded edition) are now available as physical releases (CD and 2CD on Retortae label) and as digital download (on Yantra Atmospheres label).

expanded edition:

special expanded edition:

Press release:

The ambience of grim desolation: “The Empty
Hollow” in question seems to be the soul; a soul that has unfolded into a
vast, blasted industrial landscape, littered with warehouse debris that
solemnly clatters like wind chimes born of refuge. The darkened shadows
cast on ‘The Empty Hollow Unfolds’ are of an eerie, almost sinister
allegiance, as if the maw at the center of infinity is yawning wide and
the haled breath freezes souls. The expanded edition adds two previosly
unreleased tracks to the album, and, on top, there is a special expanded
edition limited to 100 copies only containing live material from