Here is the official teaser for the forthcoming raison d’être album ‘Mise en Abyme’ (expected to be out in mid-March):

‘Mise en Abyme’ (placed into the abyss) is an inner katabasis journey to the most hidden and darkest parts of the Self. Conceptually the album contains ingredients from ‘The Divine Comedy’ by Dante or any similar stories/myths around the katabasis theme. Instead of being linked to religion, history or morality, ‘Mise en Abyme’ is purely a psychological and therapeutic trip to the underworld. But even in the most dark and chaotic places in the depths there are small shades of light, hope and understanding; one can be enlightened and purified in the return from an inferno.

Photos by Roberto Conte, info[at] (except the door with the cross, part from photo by Martín Pels).

To be out on Transgredient Records mid-March 2014.

More info at