Stratvm Terror – M/S Stubnitz Live Rehearsal 1998 – free download album is available from the raison d’être webshop:

Press release:
We found this recording hidden deep in the archive on an audio cassette marked nothing but Dodsdomd. Indeed, the first side contained a recording from the Swedish noise artist Dodsdomd. But the content of the second side, we soon discovered, was a set of Stratvm Terror tracks for a live performance at the Nursery Festival in Stockholm in 1998. This particular recording was done at the rehearsal (we only did one) some days earlier. The tracks are not unique, the studio versions has been released on different Stratvm Terror albums. The recording of the actual live performance has partly been published on the ‘Genetic Implosion’ CD (Old Europa café OECD 029), ‘Fixation’ CD (Old Europa café OECD 072) and ‘Aged Fractures and Dead Ends’ 2CD (Old Europa café OECD 164). Still, we thought it might be interesting to share this to the world. And after all it’s free download!