Necrophorus – Samadhi – free download album is available from the raison d’être webshop.

Press release:
The ‘Samadhi’ album is in one sense very animalistic, but in another
sense it is highly spiritual. The sound sources are mainly based on
animals (a dog and a cat) with additional acoustic and synthetic
elements. Those animal sounds may at a first glance feel raw and untamed
but the layers and structures in the compositions put it rather into an
opposite direction of serenity and sublimity, all embraced by an aura
of ritual touch.

The tracks included on ‘Samadhi’ are not new. ‘Yoga part 1’ and ‘Yoga
part 2’ were originally released on the limited 10″ vinyl picture disc
‘Yoga’ in 1997 (Yantra Atmospheres YA-1997-1) and ‘Spiritcatcher’ was
originally available on the compilation CD ‘The Dark Ages – The Final
Chapter’ in 1998 (Germany CD Arborlon Music). ‘Yoga long version’ is an
extended and previously unreleased mix of the Yoga material from 2003
(this version is not in high fidelity; the original uncompressed master
file has not been found, so an AC3 low resolution file (DVD-video sound
quality) was used as maastering source. All tracks has been re-mastered
in 2013 according to the K-14 level standard. ‘Samadhi’ is only
available as digital download from the raison d’être bandcamp webshop.